Software Solutions

PC Software Problems:

  • Operating System Install – Has your computer  slowed down ? In most cases a simple re install of your operating system will have it back up to speed.
  • Operating System Upgrade – If you have Windows 7 but fancy upgrading to the new Windows 8 or even moving on from XP?  CVS can advise you on your upgrading needs.
  • System Security – Is your computer protected from threats?  CVS can offer you a number of options that provide the protection you need at the right price.
  • Threat Removal – Are you concerned that  your computer may be infected?  There is far more than just viruses to worry about in today’s technological climate.  CVS can advise on and carry out  virus removals along with solutions to deal with latest malware and spyware threats.

Software Setup Issues:

  • Email – Setting up a new Email account can be frustrating and annoying. CVS can do this for you.
  • Browser – Confused? CVS can advise you on the best internet browser to use depending upon your requirements.
  • Office Programs – With the variety of office work programs available CVS can advise you on the best solution for your needs and install this for you.